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The decision to separate and/or divorce and the next steps to take is one of the most stressful events in one's life. There are alternatives to having to go to court.

Litigation can be time consuming, emotionally draining, expensive, and unpredictable. With litigation, you are never certain of your outcome until a judge decides who is right and who is wrong.

Mediation is becoming a more popular method to remedy some of the shortcomings of litigation.

Mediation employs a neutral third party who does not judge the case but helps facilitate a discussion, limit the issues, and put them in perspective to resolve the dispute. Mediation is less expensive, more confidential, and highly effective in resolving conflicts peacefully that litigious court battles.

We believe that with thoughtful and practiced guidance most people can avoid the experience that court imposed solutions tend to generate.

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative for ending marital and family law disputes including those involving unmarried couples that places the welfare of all tile participants and those affected on an equal footing. It is geared to reducing acrimony, negotiating competing claims, and to identifying common values and interests that serve the needs of each party. Often it is an issue-solving device.

It is entirely possible to have a mutually respectful legal separation and/or divorce and to find and adopt win-win strategies for moving individuals and families forward.

Divorce and family law matters are not like other types of legal disputes. The person on the other side of the courtroom is someone that you know intimately and, especially if you have children, will be a part of your life for many years to come. The decisions you make during this difficult time will have a lifelong impact on you and your children.

The mediation process is specifically designed to create an environment for healthy, constructive decision-making during this difficult time.

We offer assistance to individuals who wish to avoid litigation, maintain control over their lives, and find a peaceful, private solution to resolve their family conflict.


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